Business-to-Business Online Education

Better Train Your External Teams To Successfully Sell, Pitch, and Educate

business to business online coursesDevelop the industry professionals that you rely on most. From retailers and sales reps, to public relations associates, customer service representatives, and everything in between, B2B courses are a great way to connect with industry pros in a measurable way.

Our business-to-business courses use a mix of your brand’s materials, as well as text, photos, and videos we can create. That content mix ensures your custom course is on-brand, engaging, and educates your network.

Because Power Point slides and a voice-over don’t cut it.

B2B Courses at a Glance:

  • Primarily use assets you’ve already created
  • Focus on educating your business network on any topic, tactic, or product as hyper focused as needed
  • Incorporate text, photos, video, and audio to convey messages
  • Quiz students to ensure they’re learning—not just clicking through because it’s required
  • Can incentivize the best learners via product, spiffs, trips, etc.

We build the course and provide you with all the data and metrics to better understand your best (and worst) territories. You define the goals and help provide the assets.

B2B Course Examples:

  • Take your sales presentations digital enabling you to reach more retailers without as much time on the road or having to make a second pass around your region to hit key accounts. An online education course can first reach sales reps and then retailers in one swoop while being able to track what shops and areas are most engaged and track their progress.
  • Inform your eCommerce, customer service, and public relations teams of new product line launches. Utilizing micro-courses helps keep the information hyper focused and easy to digest in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Part of getting a store associate to sell your products is being able to teach him the ins and outs of why yours is better. That’s where eLearning comes in. Beyond being able to break down the details of a product or technology and quiz what they’ve learned, courses are readily available for them to revisit the information as often as needed.

eLearning Consultation

Not ready to go all in? That’s ok. We’ve been there and understand that creating a course—or series of courses—can be daunting. That’s why we’re happy to help you navigate the process and determine your priorities, work with you on next steps, and make eLearning more approachable.

Get your free 30-min consultation with no strings attached. Just head to our contact page and mention that you’d like to take us up on the consultation.